129 Greatest Golf Quotes from the World’s Most Famous People

Find out what pro golfers, celebrities and leaders say about golfCould golfers and fans of the sport entertain and inspire you with just their words?

In a word: Absolutely!

In “129 Greatest Golf Quotes from the World’s Most Famous People,” you will find professional golfers, world leaders, sports columnists and high profile celebrities making powerful and memorable comments about this sometimes frustrating, challenging game that captures the attention of so many Americans and worldwide fans.

From the game’s greatest players such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods to world leaders like Billy Graham and Gerald Ford to movie stars like Kevin Costner and Jack Lemon, these thoughts will entertain, amuse and inspire you like nothing else. The fact is, there is nothing like golf.

In this book, learn:

—What Masters’ Champion Gary Player does NOT want in heaven

—Why evangelist Billy Graham NEVER prays on the golf course…

—What Arnold Palmer’s best and easiest tip is to take 5 strokes off your game…

—Why actor Jay Mohr says his divorce and sexual harassment suit was NOT as frustrating as golf…

Plus, 125 more witty, thoughtful and just plain zany quotes about the most garishly dressed athletes in the world…

Get ready to smile, chuckle and just plain laugh out loud with ” 129 Greatest Golf Quotes from the World’s Most Famous People.” See reviews here.

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