Basketball Quotes: 129 Greatest Basketball Quotes from the Games’s Most Famous People

129 basketball quotes from the game's most famous peopleWhen James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, he couldn’t have imagined the soaring popularity and how inventive the game continues to be.

Played on all continents and just about every country on earth, “hoops” provides a ton of athleticism and excitement to players, coaches and fans alike.

With this third book from best-selling author Adam E. Murray, you will find some of the most memorable words ever spoken about the game.

In “129 Greatest Basketball Quotes from the Game’s Most Famous People,” you will some pure gems you are not soon to forget. From world class athletes like Lebron James and Michael Jordan to coaches like Phil Jackson and John Wooden to celebrities like Zac Effron and Ashley Judd, to writers such as Jim Murray and Dave Barry, you will be taking a deep dive into a vast pool of basketball’s greatest messages from this hand-picked collection.

In it, you’ll learn:

—What Shaq believes was the reason for his 40% free throw percentage…

—Who Michael Jordan’s true heroes of his life are (Hint: NOT athletes)

—What Charles Barkley would have caused had he not played basketball

—What Ice Cube’s going to buried with (Yes, it has to do with hoops)

Plus 125 other brilliantly entertaining quotes from players, coaches and celebrities. Love the game of basketball? You’re gonna love “Basketball: 129 Greatest Basketball Quotes from the Game’s Most Famous People.”

Here’s to putting more hoops into your life!

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