Brian Tracy’s 7 Pearls of Wisdom

7 pearls of wisdom from Brian TracyMy favorite motivational guru of all time is Brian Tracy. His insight to success and human behavior stands in a league by itself. Here are 7 wonderful things he has detailed about you and your place in the world. I read them when I’m not having the best of days. Ignore them at your own risk.

#1 You are a thoroughly good and excellent person; valuable and worthwhile beyond measure

#2 You are important in many, many ways

#3 You have unlimited potential and the ability to create your life and your world as you desire

#4 You create your world in every respect by the way you think and the depth of your convictions

#5 You are always free to choose the content of your thoughts and the direction of your life

#6 You are put on this earth with a great destiny: You are meant to do something wonderful with your life

#7 There are NO limits to what you can do, be or have except the limits you place on your own thinking and your own imagination

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