Feeling Discouraged Lately? Why Your Trials aren’t Really Trials…but Rather Triumphs of Hope?

Here is a recent article from MLM guru Lena Bjorna that is very inspiring to those who are feeling less than great. You can read more from her here: http://whoislena.com/


Feeling discouraged? Mentally and physically exhausted? Like you just want to throw in the towel on your business (or on life) and give up? Don’t. Don’t give up. Rather let me see if I can help you think of your challenges in terms of opportunities:

1.) Realize that you’ll be able to use your difficult experiences to help others. In fact, the only way we can fully understand the challenges others are facing and therefore also help them find their way through it all, is if we know those challenges first hand!

I love the way the Bible addresses this issue, “…so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” (2. Cor. 1:4)

2.) When success comes (whatever “success” means to you), the only way you’ll be able to fully appreciate it, is if you also know what it’s like on the other side of the fence.

If all we know is abundance and happiness, then abundance and happiness becomes meaningless, right? You can’t know “good” without also knowing “bad”, or “happy” without knowing “sad”…

3.) Our characters are better molded when times are hard than they are in times of prosperity. If you’re anything like me, you want to develop character so that you can truly influence the people in your life in a positive way.

You’re not here just to “take up space”, you’re here to leave your mark on the world – right? Well, in that case, there’s no getting around the trials…

Finally – and at the risk of sounding a bit cynical – let me speak strictly from a business perspective:

4.) Even with your trials you’re creating your story. Marketing is all about story-telling, and your story is what is going to help your prospects relate to you. A story without “failure” prior to “success” is not a real story that others can relate to – it’s a feel-good fantasy.

If you look at it this way, “failure” is actually good for business! It makes you real, relatable and believable in the eyes of your business contacts and future customers.

And remember, everyone loves a ‘come-back’ or a ‘rag-to-riches’ story: The fact that you were down in the dumps only makes your rise to the top – or back to the top – all that more compelling.

Hope that helped put some back in your heart! Whatever you do, never, ever, ever give up…because you were created for greatness!

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