How To Stay Positive In A Negative World: Practical Tips

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No one said it was easy. But it can be done. You can choose to stay positive no matter what. I say that as someone who has had my share of trials, and of course, I still do. But I’ve trained myself to choose to stay positive no matter what.

Did you catch that? I have trained myself to choose to stay positive. Not just to stay positive but to CHOOSE to stay positive.

Because it’s a choice I have to make repeatedly, every day. We’re all in the same boat there…

Just like stepping outside your comfort zone (another favorite topic of mine) is something you can train yourself to do, much like working out a muscle, so is choosing to stay positive. And like training a muscle, the more you choose to stay positive, the easier it gets.

So…what I’d like to do in the remainder of this post, is to share a few practical tips with you on how to stay positive in spite of your circumstances.

Tip #1: Choose to stay positive by counting your blessings.

Simply put, give thanks. Every day, first thing in the morning, give thanks even if you don’t feel like it. Especially when you don’t feel like it!

You see, what is so amazing is that you may start out not feeling thankful at all, but as you give thanks, you’re starting to remember all the little things you have reason to be grateful for.

And your attitude gradually changes. This always works for me. Try it!

Tip #2: Consider how your trial can be used to help others.

Do you realize that the only way we can fully understand the challenges of others – and therefore also the only way we can help them through those trials – is if we know those challenges first hand?

In fact, the Bible talks about this in very specific terms: It tells us that we go through tribulation “…so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” (2. Cor. 1:4)

So yes, when you consider that you, by enduring your trials, can light the way for others in a similar situation, this should also empower you to choose to stay positive.

Tip #3: Always ask yourself,”What’s good about this?”

The truth is that we can find something good about almost any situation. If nothing else, the experience itself that we take away from it – the experience that helps mold us into better, stronger people. People that can make a greater impact.

You can choose to stay positive by deliberately looking for something positive in the difficult situation you’re facing. And nine out of ten times, you’ll find it.

You’ll find something “good” about the situation.

I’ve told the story before about how my car was towed – this was a couple of years ago – and how the experience became “a $350 lesson in gratitude”.

When the incident took place, I made a conscious decision not to curse the tow truck driver or beat myself up because I forgot to move my car away from the restricted street.

I decided to choose to stay positive by reminding myself of how much worse it could have been: For one, the car could have been stolen. Or it could have been wrecked by another car.

Realizing this made me thankful. I looked for something good in the situation, and I found it. But only because I looked.

Choose To Stay Positive And Things Will Begin To Change.

I’m not a saint (haha). I’m not saying that I never get mad or that I never feel down. Rather what I want to get across – as I said at the beginning of this post – is that I’ve trained myself to choose to stay positive even in difficult circumstances.

And you can, too. Again, it’s just something you have to practice.

The key is to expose yourself to positive reinforcement.

Remove yourself from negative people as much as possible. Be around people who lift you up, and be careful also what you watch and listen to.

And you know, what is so amazing is that when you choose to stay positive no matter what, good things actually start to happen to you more frequently.

When you choose to stay positive, not surprisingly, you begin to attract positive people and positive things into your life. In a world filled with negative people, you now stand out in a very powerful way. And other positive people will want to be around you.

We all know the adage that “what goes around comes around”, and when it comes to passing positive energy around, it has an amazing ability to return to you tenfold.

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