Inspirational Quotes: 129 Inspiring Messages from Famous People

“Inspirational Quotes: 129 Inspiring Messages from Famous People”

What if you could put the greatest inspirational quotes ever written right at your fingertips whenever you wanted them? What if they were right there on your smart-phone or Kindle anytime you need to be inspired about life, love and success?

Well look no further than this book of famous quotes and sayings from best-selling author Christine J. Collins.
In “Inspirational Quotes: 129 Inspiring Messages from Famous People,” you’ ll learn:

—Why TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey says this “one thing” determines who you’ll become

—What basketball coach John Wooden says young people need more than anything

—Why author Helen Keller states that the best things in life aren’t seen or touched

—Why singer and actress Marie Osmond says we are all made from “steel”

—-What football coach Vince Lombardi says how “leaders become leaders” (Hint: It’s not that they are born that way)

—Plus 124 other inspiring and motivational messages to give you a powerful lift to live the life you deserve!

This book is an ideal present for young and old and everyone in between…particularly if you’re looking for more uplifting thoughts to balance so much negative news in the world today.

To read the reviews, simply go here: “Inspirational Quotes: 129 Inspiring Messages from Famous People.”

About the Author

Christine J. Collins is a writer focusing on relationships and human issues. Her books feature some of the most inspiring quotes ever for a world in need of such motivation. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her two sons and cat Nancy.

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