Luck is NOT Your Friend: Persistence Is.

LUCK IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. It is, at best, like one of the people who show up in our lives, makes us feel really good about ourselves/situations, and then, with no forewarning, abandons us. Indeed, luck is like the wind, here one minute, and blowing on someone else the next.

Spend your time on something of more substance.

Persist in your learning. Persist in gaining skill-sets. Persist in choosing situations which elevate you. Persist in knowing what you want. Persist in chasing your dreams. Persist in achieving your goals. Persistence in life, whether personal or professional, is a game changer. It lets others know you’re serious. It tells the world you are a contender. It tells you something, too. It tells you, you’re a winner.

Winners succeed because they keep chipping away at their goals and plans. For more ideas on success, click here.

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