Shift Your Mindset To Success: Believe You’ll Succeed.

More great insight from Mark Victor Hansen’s monthly newsletter “Rich Results.” Read and reap the benefits:

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase, “You are your own worst enemy.” How many times have you talked yourself out of following through on a great idea or achieving a dream? Become your own best friend and speak to yourself the way you do when you encourage a family member or friend and tell them not to give up!

The real enemy is fear. Fear is a heavy weight that drags you down and prevents you from realizing your dreams. That’s why so many dreams go unfulfilled.

I’m not saying you should never feel fear. That’s impossible. Fear is always with us – just waiting for when we’re the most vulnerable to rear its ugly head and scream we won’t succeed. It takes on many forms, too – fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of the truth, fear of what others think, fear of failure, even fear of success.

Fear won’t go away and it won’t be ignored. But what I will tell you to do is to FEEL IT. Feel the fear; acknowledge you’re afraid, then shift your mindset to one of believing you’ll succeed. When this happens, your fear turns into courage. And courage is fundamental to success.

Everyone feels fear, but the difference between successful people and those who aren’t is that successful people recognize their fear, breathe through it and change their mindset from one of fear to one of success. Then they attain their goals.

Every time fear grabs you, but you acknowledge and face it, you’ll find you’re stronger and it gets weaker.

Great people are great because they solve countless, seemingly unsolvable problems. You can, too, if you choose!

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